You already know you should be marketing through mobile channels, but do you know why? Maybe you already are reaching customers and prospects via mobile, but could your mobile marketing be more effective?

Chuck Martin, Director of the Center for Media Research and author of The Third Screen, shares why this medium is so important for marketers to embrace in the years ahead, and who is already ahead of the game.


I want to talk to you about mobile today. Mobile is a game-changer. If you think about the first screen, which was TV, there are a couple billion of those in the world right now. There are a little more than a billion PCs. There are five billion cellphones around the world right now. That’s 73 percent of the world population. 94 percent of the U.S. population has a cellphone, and we’re moving to a time when more than half of those will be smartphones.

Mobile is up-close and personal. It basically changes the link between supply, demand, time, and distance, which could never be done before. When you look at what marketers need to do, marketers can tell where customers are located today by phone. They can provide maximum value, whether by deals or unique services, based on the optimum mindset of the consumer. This could never be done before. This is an under-the-radar revolution that’s going on right now. Not everybody sees it. Companies like Pepsi, Kraft, Starbucks, The Weather Channel, great companies are doing great things in mobile. It’s time for everybody to get in.

What are some experiences you’ve had with successful mobile marketing, either as a consumer or as a marketer?